TMB Bank is on Saba Cloud Platform

      TMB Bank (TMB) is established with the brainchild of Field Marshall Sarit Tanarat, to operate a commercial banking business under the Commercial Banking in 1945. At that time, it operated within a limited scope of business, aiming to provide financial services exclusively for military units and their personnel. The strategic and vision of TMB has changed year by year. Currently, TMB launched a 're-branding" by adopting a new English name "TMB Bank" with a new Logo and a new slogan "Better Partner, Better Value" to fit with its universal banking business.


        In the part of the Learning Management Systems (LMS), which has been implemented for many years as a platform to manage learning activities including course enrollment, training history record and reporting, has a limitation to support learning activities at speed of new business and limitation of devices access.


        TMB realized the importance of Information Technology and personnel development training. TMB considers the new platform which can support and accelerate employees' capability and serve the new way of learning of new generation of workforce. In addition, life styles changed and huge number of new joiner are the challenge of people capability. TMB needs to explore the way that simple and easy for staff to learning anywhere anytime and any devices. The LMS on Cloud could be the solution for TMB.


The Benefits of LMS on Cloud;
- Platform to support variety of content formats eg. SCORM, AICC, Tin Can, Clip, Youtube or Gamificaitons
- Learner can access to LMS on mobile or any devices
- LMS vendor will maintain and carry out any technology upgrade or update


        VLink as a leading integrated LMS solution provider, is offering Best-in-Class LMS on Cloud platform which is Saba Cloud Platform to TMB. With Saba Cloud, TMB will have the ability to integrate their virtual and physical training programme and manage their entire education programme from Cloud platform. TMB will have various of learning activities and also support anytime, anywhere and any devices learning.


        The new TMB LMS on Cloud Platform will be launched by December 2018.


Saba Cloud Platform Capabilities;
- Learning Management System
- Social Learning
- Mobile Learning
- Analytics
- Assessment and Testing
- Virtual Classroom

29 November 2018