05 October 2018


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A Smooth Monday with IBM Connections and Verse

08 October 2018

Focus on your work, not your tools

IBM® Connections™ is a collaboration platform that integrates email, activity and task management, instant messaging, file sharing, collaborative document editing and more into a unified solution. Your teams can access these capabilities from a personalized workspace to communicate, manage work and share tools and resources. Cognitive and analytics technologies enable IBM Connections to learn from your interactions and recommend priorities and actions.

You can now increase productivity and employee engagement with IBM Connections Engagement Suite — it includes IBM Connections Engagement Center, IBM Connections and IBM Connections Docs.

08 October 2018


Help ensure security and privacy with enterprise security features and built-in spam and virus protection services. Provides encryption protections and more.
24 July 2018


Announcement: Introducing IBM Connections Engagement Suite

Discover an integrated set of solutions for increasing employee engagement, collaboration and productivity.
24 July 2018

08 October 2018