05 October 2018

Expand your reach and broadcast every event of any size, from corporate communications to customer and partner events.

With an easy-to-use producer and moderator interfaces and an interactive end-user experience, it’s simple to create effective, compelling webcasts that can be delivered to any device. After the broadcast is over, automated conversion to VOD ensures the content you created can—and will—be watched again and again. With Kaltura’s world leading Webcasting platform, webcasts are no longer a one-off event; they become a reliable platform for delivering your message, as often as you need, to any audience you choose, without limits.

Kaltura Webcasting Solutions

08 October 2018

Key Features

05 October 2018


Present full-screen slides on large screen to in-person attendees while broadcasting. Automatically synch slides with video. Use existing permission sets to ensure secure access to events
05 October 2018


Kaltura Enterprise Encoding Service Datasheet

Learn more about our enterprise-grade on-site encoding service to ensure webcast success.
05 October 2018

16 October 2018